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press kit ❤ english 

Project description (*pdf)
Artwork & Photos (*jpeg *png)
download *zip file (filesize 7.0 mb)

pressemappe ❤ deutsch

Projektbeschreibung (*pdf)
Grafik & Fotos (*jpeg *png)
download *zip Datei (Dateigröße 7.0 mb)

#nohatefamily ❤ sticker 

Nearly 1.500 artists around the globe are with us.
You will find all sticker artwork on our Google Drive
Feel free to print, paste and post the sticker artwork.

Please furthermore make sure:
This is a non profit love project - keep it real.
Don’t use it for commercial stuff.

Thank you! Love and Respect.

#nohatefamily ❤ join the project

 Hi there. You are an artist and want to join the #nohatefamily movement?
Just download one of the artwork templates in your prefered language and send us your final artwork. 
Have fun and spread love! 

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