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#nohatefamily is a non-profit project of 8 streetartists from Cologne that deals with the topic of "hatred in society" and experiences the participation of artists from all over the world mainly through Instagram and further social media.

The idea to deal with this topic artistically, through collages with designs of participating artists, was born in October 2018 during an exchange of ideas between Cologne artists: Planet_Selfie, Greentaxonomy, VCTRPLNT, Maidincologne, Adultremix, Cuts.and.pieces, Sweetsnini and 8arms2hug.

Hatred is a global theme and shows its nasty face in many different facets. It's time to act, it's time to get loud. About art as a means to an end and about social media for the worldwide networking of artists who set a sign against hatred.

The project has been launched via Instagram in November 2018. The viral effect was already clearly perceptible on the net after a few days. Right from the beginning more than 100 artists from all over the world took part, among them many well-known ones like Thomas Baumgärtel (Bananensprayer) and Dave the Chimp joined the #nohatefamily movement. In March 2019 around 1000 artists are already actively setting a creative sign against hatred with their own individual designed  #nohatefamily sticker.

To set a sign against hatred means concretely to demonstrate by the union of the artists in the collages that we united stand for love, diversity and a peaceful togetherness. The bigger sticker collages are called "Wall of Love".

Cologne, London, Berlin, Toulouse, Munich, Amsterdam, Hamburg, New York, Leipzig, Ohio, Frankfurt, Rome, Düsseldorf, Rostock, Isla Holbox/Yucatan, Siegen, Opladen among other worldwide spots - the #nohatefamily movement is present with walls of love designed by local artists and supporters.  

The #nohatefamily movement says NO TO HATRED!

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Digital Art | Sticker | Streetart
Member of the #nohatefamily

Cuts and Pieces

Streetart Resistance!
Member of the #nohatefamily


Knitted & crocheted streetart
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Planet Selfie

Global Selfie Madness!
Member of the #nohatefamily

Maid in Cologne

Illustrator | Streetart | Photography

Member of the #nohatefamily


Full time graphic designer
Member of the #nohatefamily


Adultremix | Designer | Artist
Member of the #nohatefamily


Keychains | Take them!
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Hi there. You are an artist and want to join the #nohatefamily movement?
Just download one of the artwork templates in your prefered language and send us your final artwork. 
Have fun and spread love! 

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